Annihilation of caste – A visionary document to build modern India!

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Annihilation of Caste, It was Eight decades ago Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar published a text that affirmed humanity and negated caste. A speech came to be composed and not delivered. 

Ambedkar's statue_garagaparru
Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar’s Birthday celebrations 2018 at Garagaparru, West Godavari, AP where 400 Dalits socially boycott by caste Hindus

Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar was prepared to give his presidential address at an annual conference of  Jat – Pat – Todak – Mandal, a Hindu organization in Lahore (Pakistan) in May 1936. Dr Ambedkar was the first person to invite that radical faction of Hindu reformist group Arya Samaj established in 1922, mostly Hindus of the privileged caste. 

On December 12, 1935, Dr Ambedkar received a letter from the Jat – Pat – Todak Mandal secretary Mr Sant Ram ‘ Dear Dr Saheb you area a great thinker, and it is my well-considered opinion that none else has studied the problem of Caste so deeply as you have. I have always benefited myself and our Mandal from your ideas. I am now very anxious to read the exposition of your new formula. “It is nit possible to break Caste without annihilating the religious notions on which it, the Caste system, is founded.” Please do explain it at length at your earliest convenience, so that we may take up the idea and emphasise it from press and platform. 

Why did Dr Ambedkar not deliver his presidential address?

The reception committee of the Jat-Pat-Todak Mandal has cancelled the conference. The notice of cancellation came long after Dr Ambedkar’s presidential address has printed. At the start, Mandal members arose over the printing of the address. Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar desired that the address should be printed in Bombay, the members of the Mandal wished that it should be printed in Lahore. Later they asked to alter the some of the text which was against Vedas and Hindus. Dr Ambedkar did not consider their demand and replied a single word in my speech alter for the sake of the Hindus. Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar had said in passing ‘probably this was my last speech to a Hindu audience.’ Therefore the Mandal members cancelled their annual conference. They thought that Hindus in Lahore will against Jat -Pat -Todak Mandal if Dr Ambedkar delivers his presidential address. Most of their elite members like did not agree to Dr Ambedkar’s view on Vedas and Hindu religious texts and scripts. 

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Annihilation of Caste Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar’s thought!

Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar had declared in October 1935 at Yola Depressed Class Conference, ” I had the misfortune of being born with the stigma of an Untouchable. However, It is not my fault; But I will not die as a Hindu, for this in my power.”

When Dr Ambedkar declared this statement the nation was in a tizzy.  Babasaheb has declared a spiritual war on Hinduism. Dr Ambedkar wanted social reforms. He thought that it is necessary for political reforms. Without social efficiency, no permanent progress in the other fields of activity was possible. Hindu society was not in a state of efficiency, and that ceaseless effort must be made to eradicate caste. 

Dr Ambedkar had experience with the Caste system, though he was doctorate from Colombia University or a defence secretary in Baroda Maharaj Samstan he faced untouchability. His luggage was thrown out from a Parsi Chowltry. He has faced resistance against to drink water in Mahad water tank, Dalits’re staged a satyagraha movement to enter Nasik Kalaram temple. All these experiences Dr Ambedkar thought that the Varna and Caste were evil ideas. Brahmanical Hindu religion, Vedas, Manu script’s the reason behind this Caste system. Caste is a powerful weapon for preventing all reforms. An educated judge is nothing in front of Brahman priest. The higher Caste has conspired to keep the lower Caste down. They deliberately prevented the lower castes who are within the pale of the Hinduism from rising to the cultural level of the higher castes. 

In his Annihilation of Caste, Dr Ambedkar said ‘one caste enjoys singing a hymn of hate against another caste as much as the Germans enjoyed singing their hymn of hate against the English during the World War 1.’ In Vedas and Manuscript the literature is full if Caste genealogies in which an attempt is made to give noble origin to Caste and an ignoble origin to another caste. All these reasons Dr Ambedkar wanted Annihilation of Caste from Indian society. 

How Annihilation of Caste builds modern India! 

Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar was believed that eradication of the Caste system will help a cohesive and egalitarian society may emerge the concept of equality and fraternity among the people. When one country not fit to rule, another country like that one Caste is not fit to rule another Caste. 

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Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar’s banner @ Old BJP office, Delhi.

Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar said many quotes and sayings to abolish Caste system from our society Gandhi and Congress never listen to him. He has given much suggestion to uplift downtrodden people. He has views to reorganization and reconstruction of the society which relates to the Annihilation of Caste. Babasaheb said outcaste is the by-product of the caste system. There is an outcast or untouchables as long as there are castes. The best alternative to emancipate the outcaste expect the abolish the caste system. But Caste Hindus never feel the necessity for agitating for the Annihilation of the Caste system. Gandhi could never rid his mind of a concept of the Varna system, and he never asked people to give up caste 

“Dr Ambedkar says Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy. It means a way of life which recognizes liberty, equality and fraternity as the principles of life.”

The Caste system doesn’t have social spirit. How can a society develop without spirit? Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar questioned the Hindu society they conveniently forget the worst feature of their own Caste system.  

The Hindus often complain of the isolation and exclusiveness of a gang or a clique and blame them for anti-social
spirit. But they conveniently forget that this anti-social spirit is the worst feature of their own Caste System. The Caste system protecting its own interests. It is a much-marked feature of the different castes in their isolation from another as if it is of nations in their isolation. The Brahmin’s primary concern is to protect their interests against those of the Brahmins. Like that in Hindu caste system is an assortment of castes, but are so many warring groups each living for itself and for its selfish ideal. No nationalism feeling. This was the reason Muslim invaders and Britishers easily captured India and ruled for hundreds of years. 

In Annihilation of Caste, Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar suggested Hindus If you were not prevented caste from our society caste prevent Hinduism from being a missionary religion. When Caste system grew up among the Hindus the Hindu religion ceased to be a missionary religion. Caste is inconsistent with the conversion. Inculcation of beliefs and dogmas is not the only problem that is involved in the conversion. When converting a person where to place the convert, in which caste? Shall he be a Brahmin or become a priest in a Hindu temple? It is a problem that arises in connection with a conversion. 

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India today cover page
India cover page

The Hindus should learn from the Caste among Sikh and Muslims. It is not the same as Caste in Hindus. If you attack on one Sikh or Muslim all the Muslim or Sikh community will respond, whereas if you attack one Hindu, his / her caste people only respond to rescue. There may be Caste among Sikhs and Mohammedans, but there is no outcaste. A Sikh or a Mohammedan if he broke his caste. In Hindus, the case is entirely different. A Hindu is sure to be outcasted if he broke caste. This is the difference in the social signification of caste to Hindus and non – Hindus. So that Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar suggested that the key role to destroy Caste is the rejection of the Shastras. 

Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar said, there is no doubt, in my opinion, that unless you change your social order you can achieve little by way of progress. You cannot mobilize the community either for defence or for the offence. You cannot build anything on the foundations of Caste. You cannot build up a nation, you cannot build up a morality. Anything that you will build on the foundations of Caste will crack, and will never be a whole. 

The ideal Indian society should be based on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. 

If you deny the rights of the other Caste people, you deny the progress of the nation. If you outcaste the people, World outcastes our nation. 







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