Enlightenment of Buddha!

షేర్ చెయ్యండి

The earth is the majestic planet. The northern boundary is snowfall. Ice cream charms. There are many birds’ clues, many species of birds, flowering and hammering.

There is a kingdom called Kapilavastha in such a glorious land. He is the prince. He is the widow of two sisters, Pravathivu and Mayawati. It is said in the science that Mayawati will die more than 7 weeks. That’s why they both get married to the same king.

Mayavati is pregnant. You know the thing about the harem in the festivities. Poor people will be sad. The king is a cause of pride. Maybe that’s wrong. The king becomes a mourner. Mayawati is known as the Maha Maha and the Queen is Ayushashu Waheshish. Shrutamudu is happy. But it does not change the fate of the fate rather than the pseudoscience.

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Mayawati wishes to be sent to Lubin. The king is unable to deny the entire pregnancy. The public is concerned. The Lumbini temple is the Mahavanti. It has many floral trees, birds, and animals. Queen of the Pillaki Lumbini is the right way to move, and the jeans come to the pains of the Queen. It’s already dark. Lumbini reached midnight. There she gave birth to Mayawati. It was white.

Humanity is
Divinity in the Spirit
Sorry mourning
The Buddha

Unequal gods become blissful. Flowers are raining.

In space,
Stage directions are bright, bright. The stars did not blink. The moon sat on more moonlight, poured the moonlight. The sun did not come quickly. He sent him the sunshine. The sky is saffron.

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On the ground
All is peace.
The hour was distressed, and the naturalness of nature flourished.
Cold smells of cold water
Birds and music are sung.

The queen of the queens in Lumbini went to Buddha Baba.
Maya shocked with a baby in the gap.
The sun rises.
Adivi received a festive afternoon.

That day is a full moon.
Bhagwan Buddha was born on the day.

The ostracism of the Buddha.
1. Equilibrium focus
2. Equity determination
3.Semic text
4.Samak karma
5. Equal life
6.Art work
7. The Equation Code
8. Samayak’s tomb.
Samayak is good and not harmful to others. Those who do not accept these ostriches are not grieving.

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“Asotoma sadgamaya – from falsehood to truth.

tamasoma jotirgamaya – from the darkness to the light.

Mirruterma Amrutangamaya – From Death to Amritaanam “

Jayeebhava, Digvijeeya Bhava, Buddha Bhagwan.

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