Fascism has no place in democracy!

షేర్ చెయ్యండి
“The strength of the balance of equilibrium is the mobilization of warlords, and there is no place for peace in the world at the top of it,” said John Bright, the British Political scientist
The current developments in our country seem to be true. Then the principles of ethics are then cleverly divided by the people to strengthen their political strength if they look at the tactics and plans that the BJP party in the center is trying to survive.
People go to any corner of the world , but we can be seen as two groups of people. The rich – the poor. Investors – Socialists / Democrats. But the country is split as the different castes.The Kshatriya – Shiva Kalamas are on the other side if the crane groups are on one side. The Hindu Constitution that rules the caste rules the people. Over the past decade, the pieces of influence have shifted towards the Hindu Religious Constitution, in a way that is aimed at making a turnaround. This is the first height to include the Shudra caste and the Hindu Constitution. In the course of the process, the RSS was brought to the forefront of the rumors such as BJP’s Kalyana Singh, Uma Bharati and current Narendra Modi. People’s duties on the ruling Congress, which have been ruling for decades, have attracted the people of the economic downturn and the youth embarrassment Modi and Co religious nationalism in the development mood. The majority of the Shudras and the upper castes are the Hindu Religious Constitution. Thus, people and Society split into two categories of RSS and Co religious nationalists – Dalit Muslim Babasaheb Dr.Ambedkar and Communists.
The current developments from Madras University, Hyderabad Central University, Delhi Jnu, Society dovided into dalit, Muslim , Communist and RSS- hindutva the other side. 
There is no question of claiming that, judiciary, police and the media to be protected by democracy are split into categories. The Fourth Estate has now become the pocket of the rulers.
“For in these days, with the press in hand it is easy to produce great men” Babasaheb Dr.BR Ambedkar
Today, Babasaheb is doing the truth today. Media / Social Media is now busy working on making new nationalists. So in the moments Rohit Vemba, JNU student leader Kanniyya Kumar and their followers will not be able to become traitors in the moments.
Finally, Baba Saheb Dr. BR Ambedkar concludes another word. 
“Ours is a battle; not for wealth, not for power, ours is battle; for freedom for reclamation of human personality”
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