Four years of Chnadrababu Naidu regime, neglected Tribals!

షేర్ చెయ్యండి
  • I have changed. Trust me. Bauxite mining agreements will be canceled, “he told the Adivasis before the election. Once he came into power gave up the Geo No. 97 for bauxite excavations before reaching for three months. This is how Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Mr.Chandrababu Naidu backstab Adivasis.  

 False promises by Chandrababu Naidu:

The Modi government has implemented several policies that affect the economic origins of the indigenous tribes of the country. The Chandrababu Government in the state is no different. When swearing as Chief Minister, as part of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, pressure on the Modi government has been transferred from Telangana to six zones. However, in six zones, officers, employees, teachers, faculty, medical officers and medical personnel have moved to Telangana. By October 2015, there is no outsourcing clerk to attend students at the Voipperam Junior College, no faculty or staff. There is no staff in the offices, including Tahsildars and MPDOs.

There are no APS RTC buses to go to ITDA and Kakinada district offices. All the buses that travel from Chintur to Ratnagiri are in Telangana. The area hospital is in Bhadrachalam. Divisional offices, including RDO Office, are in Bhadrachalam. Degree College and BED College are also in Bhadrachalam. The people of these thorns have been left untouched. People are not aware of the difficulties. Goddess Pushkar, 30 days back in Rajahmundry, Chief Minister Chandrababu had to wait for a moment to celebrate these tribals. There is no minimum movement in the government unless people move forward and fight. He did not even have the opportunity to show the face to the people of April 2016. It is mirroring Chandrababu’s attitude towards 2.50 lakh Adivasis.

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Tribal University has to be set up for AP in the AP Reorganization Act. In addition, there are 11 new Indian educational institutions in the Act. All universities have been established except Tribal University. They have started courses in rented buildings even though they have no accommodation. Tribal University did not start. The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University -2007 has to be amended. The BJP central government did not pay any attention to the small amendment. TDP Parliamentarians did not insist on an amendment to the law once in four years. Apart from criticizing the TDP, the members of the Lok Sabha have never done that. The task to transfer six Mandals to AP from TELANGANA to the Tribal University, which has contributed to the development of Adivasi, has not been for TDP and BJP.

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No Improvement in education:

Chandrababu always declares our state in the country as No. 1. And will soon be called No.1 in the world. But in reality, our state is ranked 32nd in literacy. Adivasi literacy is also less than 50 percent. In the Adivasi Groups such as Anantagiri, it is 40 percent. In these circumstances, the schools were shut down by not being ten students without thinking about how to increase the Adivasi literacy. Around 3,4,000 children have been taken to residential schools to do without those ten children. School or Adult children are becoming illiterate. Plans are planned to close more schools this year. The Adivasis speak in their tribal languages. Children do not understand Telugu. Teachers do not know the language of that tribe. The government observed this by applying language volunteers to tell children to understand the language in the languages of the tribe. Child attendance increased. But after the government reviewed, they were dismissed as they were carefully read. Chandrababu does not get to the government for the last four years to rewrite the language volunteers again. This is the reason for the indifference shown by the government towards Adivasi education.

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Adjacent villages in the 5th Schedule of the 5th Schedule shall have 50% Thus, in 1989, the government recommended the center to identify 800 villages and join them in the 5th Schedule. The President has not accepted the recommendation for more than three decades. In the four years, the Chandrababu Government has no pressure on the center.
There are about two lakh regular jobs in the state empty. Do not fill them out. He said in his practice that the government would not run in reserved jobs in the constituent jobs. The tribal co-operative corporation (GCC) was destroyed by the tribals. Adivasi young adults who have been very enthusiastic have been left disappointed. The Chandrababu Government, which runs on the way to Modi, betrays the tribals and releases the crops to the corporates.



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