IAS officer without UPSC? Call of the upper castes by the back door!

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“The Modi Government invites talented and motivated Indian nationals willing to contribute towards nation building to join the government at the level of Joint Secretary.” a circular issued by the department of personnel and training 

The RSS-BJP is constantly taking the decisions against Dalits. Many anti-Dalits and an Adivasi decision such as weakening SC/ST atrocity act, ineffective reservations, scholarship deduction, seat reduction are continuously being taken by the BJP government. So that the issue of reservation and rights of Dalits and Adivasi people’s overlooked by the Government.



More recently, the Government of India has invited applications for recruitment from private sector professionals at higher administrative positions such as the Secretary. There is no reference anywhere in this advertisement. Clearly, the government is going to enter the upper echelons through the backdoor entry. That is, there is no need to pass the UPSC exam to come to higher bureaucratic positions, it is enough to just have to be upper case.

In such a situation, those people who are working indirectly for the union government while working in the private areas will get admission in the administration through ports. They will kill the rights of the downtrodden sections, affect the policy decisions as agents of large industrial houses. Also, a Welfare State will treat like a private corporate office. The government has started penetrating its Brahminical elements in the administration’s steel frame of bureaucracy.

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The Modi government has invited job applications from talented and motivated? individuals, even from the private sector, for ten Joint-Secretary level posts in several departments. According to a newspaper advertisement, the government is looking to hire people with expertise in areas of revenue, financial services, economic affairs, agriculture, cooperation and farmers’ welfare, road transport and highway, shipping, environment, forests and climate change, new and renewable energy, civil aviation and commerce. The initiative is being called lateral recruitment to senior positions in the government.

This advertisement eliminates the democratic process of recruitment through UPSC. Due to this, the entitlements of candidates selected on the scheduled castes will be 15%, Scheduled Tribes 7.5% and OBC’s reserved seats 27%. So far, 10 posts have been recruited, out of which constitutional right is given to candidates of 05 posts reserved for the candidates, these posts were received by the senior candidates.

Wake up By clapping on the reservation decision on the promotion, the government has snatched the food from your mouth.

Opposition parties criticised Modi government new job plan,  recruiting IAS officers without UPSC exam, tomorrow PM will be without elections. Lateral entry professionals in Joint secretary level means the Modi government indirectly killing UPSC and SSC boards. And the other side of the coin is RSS-BJP sympathizers will recruit from this lateral entry to take anti-Dalits and anti-Adivasi people. 

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The opposition parties have just given press statements to condemn the advertisement issued by the BJP government. No seriousness to stop in this lateral entry of private people without UPSC exams. It means the upper caste political parties and their caste leaders nod their head to the government. 

In general senior bureaucrats will appoint as joint secretaries, they may be BC IAS or Dalit and Adivasi IAS officer have a chance to reach the top position. With this lateral entry decision, the Modi government going to become a private government. So India will be a private limited company.

Unfortunately, IAS fraternity didn’t condemn this private recruitment. This was an alarm situation to BC’s and Dalits, Adivasis in India. RSS-BJP central government trying to curb Dalits. Since they form the central government, there are many such anti – Dalits decision was taken from the university level to this joint secretary level. 

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BJP government forced Dalits into unrest. This is not a good sign to the country. Dalits, only community to hold RSS-BJP. So Dalits should come out and fight for their rights. Unless this neo-Manu will draw boundaries to Dalits. 


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