Kerala floods 2018 – PM announces 500 crore relief help for Kerala floods

షేర్ చెయ్యండి

Kerala floods water level is receding many parts of Kerala, the death toll in Kerala since August 9 has reached 324. Today Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi has conducted review meeting and conducted ariel survey he announced Rs. 500 crore immediate relief help. 

Kerala floods - troops rush into help

Indian Armed forces are stepping up their efforts to rescue thousands of people. They’re using dozens of boats, Helic0pters and thousands of uniform men are helping to evacuate people. This is the wrost ever floods since 1924. It is believed that many people to be trapped on rooftops of the flooded homes. 

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How bad floods effects Kerala.

Kerala’s chief minister Mr. Pinaray Vijayan says the flooding is the worst the state has seen 100 years. According to BBC’s News, Kerala at Kuzhippuram a town in the north of the state, the adjoining its banks a week ago. Driving to be a bridge over the river, for more than a kilometer on both sides of the road, houses are under water.  

IMD  suppose to withdraw red alert tomorrow. But three district Idukki, Pathanamthitta, and Ernakulam warned of orange alert. All other district warned yellow and green alert. Train services betwen Ernakulam and Sharanpur cancelled up to tomorrow. 

KSRTC deployes 3 Airavat buses to pic up more than 150 people standard in Thrissur, from Palghat to Mangaluru. 

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Kerala floods: In pics

The following images shows the grief situvation of the Kerala people. 


Kerala continued to struggle unprecedented floods. Rescue and relief efforts going on war a war footing. Fresh landslides were reported on Saturday. 

Kerala people need to show their courage and solidarity towards their neighbours. Do not believe rumours spreading in social media groups. 

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