Relevance of Dr.Ambedkar in Mayday!

షేర్ చెయ్యండి

Along with the other nations in the world, in India Trade Unions were created in the country. In fact, we have many trade unions. It is noteworthy that trade unions are the associations of the main political parties.

Now, then the whole capitalist world thinks that trade unions are meant to be anti-development organizations. The Labor unions behave like a dictator. Anywhere around the Globe, the mentality of the investor is same, as well as the problems of the labor also same around the globe?

 In a civilized society we should honor and respect humans, and at the same time, we should respect his work or profession. Unfortunately, in our country, the work has been divided by one’s castes. Caste is the main criteria to do work. Varna system preoccupied before a person birth his/her Caste and his/her work.

The chief architect of Indian constitution, modern India founder Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar said that “A country development stands with its human development, not on the colorful walls.”

One of the most recent developments in the country is the worst. The decision taken by the Central Government Job and Labor Provident fund is one of the worst decisions in the history of national labor/employment.

After the many conflicts, the bourgeois society, however, has found that the caste, regional and religious politics is the source of the conflict, There are 36 associations in the Singareni Callaris, which means that the labor world is an example of capitalist politicians being sacrificed.

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Mayday History and present scenario: 

May 1, 1886, became historic. On that day thousands of workers in the larger industrial cities poured into the streets, demanding eight hours. About 340,000 took part in demonstrations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other places. Of these nearly 200,000 actually went out on strike. About 42,000 won the eight-hour day. Another 150,000 got a shorter day than they had had before. 

From that day onwards he (Labor) may successful but capitalism has n’t take rest he has been trying to suppress. After two decades, capitalist came out in another form. He has removed his vail and
shows his another avatar – Globalization. 
Supporters believe that by the late 20th century those they characterized as “ruling elites” sought to harness the expansion of world markets for their own interests; this combination of the Bretton Woods institutions, states, and multinational corporations has been called “globalization” or “globalization from above.” This Global Avatar of capitalist doing permanent damage to the worker, natural capital, and biodiversity of a nation. These capitalist are in a different way like World Bank, IMF, WTO. I’m worried these will become “East India Company” who came as a trader and ruled India. I think we have symptoms how these global capitalist rule our life. By the name of an Economic slowdown in America how we effected, how our stock market affected. And third world countries become Dumping yards.

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In order to make the process of globalization smooth, privatization and liberalization policies are moving along as well. Under the privatization scheme, most of the public sector undertakings have been/ are being sold to the private sector.Is these Naya Fuedelist manipulates the state and creating ” Operation green hunt’? Killing native people for natural resources.Former supreme court judge Mr. Krishna Iyer said “The finer values are withering away; the vision of a universal human family is vanishing; and Ecclesiastes which tells us: the Lord is full of compassion and mercy… and forgive the sins and seventh in time of affliction is now anathema to those who wield power, accumulate wealth and crave after sensual pleasures.”

Dr.Ambedkar’s philosophy:

Babasaheb Dr.Ambedkar as a social and political reformer brought about great changes in the workers’ lives in India. The reforms brought about in terms of reduction in working hours, improvement in working conditions, particularly that of women and the downtrodden segments of society, promotion of trade unions and labor rights.

Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar as labor minister in viceroy counsel along with his colleagues

Babasaheb said empowerment of laborers in India could not be brought about without addressing the real problem of the caste system. On the occasion of May Day, as we celebrate the rights and struggles of workers across the globe, it might be useful to reflect upon the doctrine of Ambedkar that established a modern labor structure in India. Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar asked socialist in India can you have economic reforms without social order.

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In his reply to Gandhi’s division of labor based on labor, Babasaheb Dr.Ambedkar said, that the caste system was “not merely division of labor, but also a division of laborers” rooted in a belief that had the sanction of the shastras.

“Turn any direction you like, caste is the monster that crosses your path. You cannot have political reform, you cannot have economic reform, unless you kill the monster,” Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar.

In our society the present division of labor based on the inherent of the caste system. No Open caste people working as sanitation labor. That’s why Babasaheb warned the Indian society The inefficiency in resource utilization that such a structure gave rise to, according to Ambedkar, was the direct cause of unemployment in India. It is the caste system, therefore, that needs to erased, in order to bring about workers’ liberation.



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