TRS party reservations hike politics?

షేర్ చెయ్యండి

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao announced his government policy to hike Caste based reservations to Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, Backward Class and Muslims in April 2017. He also announced that the hike in reservation would be done like Tamilnadu Government. If the centre doesn’t permit his government will move to Supreme court.

Telangana state has 90% population belongs to SC, ST, BC and Minority communities. Tamilnadu government increased the reservations according to their population. The then Parliament accepted. But now political dynamics were changed in India. After 2014 elections BJP came into power their kin & kiths keep on talking about caste-based reservations. And they directly opposed religious based reservation to the Muslim community.

Reservations hike was TRS poll promise in 2014 general elections. Reservations in India has been a prime promise to get weaker sections votes. Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu also promised to Kapu community in 2014 elections if he came into power Kapu community will merge in BCs   

The concept of Reservations!

Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar, father of Indian constitution explained the correct term of reservations is representation. Those who benefited of reservations and enjoyed the fruits of reservations first understand the true meaning of reservations.  The reservations policy has no doubt played an important role to achieve or upliftment SCs, STs and other Backward communities. In Seventy-one year of Independence, these reserved sections get benefits only reservations. No other welfare schemes implemented by state and the central government was the reason for the advancement of SC/ST or any other downtrodden people. What can we expect from Indian society in the 67 years of the Republic of India not even give a single job or an MP/MLA elected in general quota?

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So the concept of reservations isolates SC/ST communities to shun away from the mainstream development which more than 100 % enjoying OCs. And in these modern economic policies or Globalization, Governments withdraw their stake in public sector companies, privatizing all Navaratna, Maha Navaratna companies, Railways, Banks etc. State Governments neglecting to fill backlog post since 1994 in TS & AP.

Is Government sector recruiting Employees?

Indians fall into privatization & globalization. We’re in deep love with privatization. Since 1994, Mr.KCR successors in undivided state of Andhra Pradesh became CEO of Andhra Pradesh and has been sidelined government sector. Recruiting new employees on contract basis.  Opened E-Seva centers all over the state to collect electricity revenue bills and issues public utility certificates. These E-Seva center run by commission basis which will collect from the consumer by a private contractor. The contractor appointed workers as his own concern without consulting government or basis on the reservations. The contract employee system was implemented by once Mr.KCR cabinet colleague, undivided AP CM Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu. Later Congress CM Dr.YSR also followed his predecessor. No change in SC/ST backlog vacancies. No new recruitment. In every government job vacancy filled with a third-party consultant. Many primary schools run by government closed due to lack of strength. So no DSC for qualified teaching aspirants.

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Is quota hike a vote bank slogan?

We have no doubt about Telangana CM KCR sincere efforts to hike quota like Tamilnadu. We appreciate him to full fill his poll promise. And his party members of parliament lead by his only daughter Mrs.Kavita’s team register their protest in ongoing Parliament session. Recently CM KCR fired on center to hold the Caste inclusion and reservation system in their hands. He demanded a constitutional amendment. So the ball is now in center court. But people of Telangana questioning CM KCR about 1 lakh job opportunities. The sad reality is that he doesn’t recruit single vacancy after he became a Telangana state CM.  Then why he needed quota hike? No government recruitment. No jobs?

How will long reservations uplift downtrodden people? 

This capitalist & feudalistic governments dupes downtrodden people to not to give opportunity in Industrial, and service sector. In this internet age, all the people should aware of government policies and how government benefiting to them. SC/STs have a long-standing pending issue to implement sub-plan allocations. All the welfare schemes are peanuts to them. No political or economic enhancement policies implementing to them. The major wealth of the state goes to leader’s community pockets only. All the contractors belong to ruling class only.  Within a span of 5 years term CM’s family and leaders families became milliners. But the SC and ST, OBCs and minorities run for quota rice, they’re in the queue for Rs. 5/- meal, Kalyan Lakshmi schemes, Goats, and buffalos.

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The question is Mr. KCR sincere to the welfare of reservation communities? Then why don’t he recruit backlog post or gave a Major irrigation contract, key political post to his party SC/ST/BC and minority communities?  Why don’t KCR encourage SEZs only for these communities? Why don’t KCR demand & implement reservation in private sector in his state?     

Reservations in this capitalist society become mortal. With the peanuts politicians like KCR become a super power. But the downtrodden voters still waiting for Rs. 1/- kg rice in civil supply fair shops.

So hike of reservation is a well-scripted panorama. SCs demanding for their true growth not with poll slogans. 




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