Youth and Social Taboos in our society!

షేర్ చెయ్యండి

Every time we hear India develops, we can imagine how India can develop when trying to pull back many of the ideas or beliefs around us. We are lagging behind many countries. In many respects, we are still confident with mute beliefs. There is no fight on them, they do not have the idea that they will be thrown out of our developed society. It is one thing to adhere to our culture and to follow our culture, but it is unlikely to propagate that our own culture is the same for our own thoughts and ideas that are tilted in the name of culture. There is no culture beyond morality in society. Any tradition is based on morality. It is natural then, in the name of culture, some elders (religious people) in our community are misleading the youth. These are the biggest enemies of society. Today’s youth must come forward to deal with some traces. Talk about them. Let’s look at some of the most trusted beliefs that can not be discussed among the most common and four in our community

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Menstrual women
Google pic: Social Taboo; Menstruating. women campaigning in social media

Menstruation – It is wrong to openly talk about menstruation, this is certainly not a part of our culture and is not well-grown or rooted. A girl who is menstruated is unclean and therefore does not allow some other things to be done. Prohibition to pray or to perform religious rites.

Sex – publicly talking about sex is bad, sexual education is unrealistic, attempting to know secretly. Sexual issues do not need to discuss, people are shy away from pregnancy pills or condoms because they go there and ask for a child to drink. They think of their sexual activity.

Homosexuality – homosexuality is unrealistic, the nature of individuals, and the unhappiness of the unwanted sex in the psyche of the hormone on the mental state. Some people even get used to homosexuality because of the community around it, which is considered criminal by law. They may feel bad in their evil, trying to keep them out of society. They should be given counseling and can be changed by counseling.

Homo sexual, transgender
Google pic: Social Taboo; Homosexual, transgender in religion.

Religious-religious marriage – not to marry outside of one’s own religion, but only to the population of other religions. Similarly, we have a partiality towards some religions, not exactly what is wrong, but as we know it for ages, it is really wrong to marry a woman of another religion.

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Divorce – People kill each other after they get married, but they should not divorce, because the world speaks about them. It is desirable to have a worldview that is not exactly about what is happening between two married men. There is a small glance towards the divorced women. Once again, they do not have a house to live in.

How to break these bottomless beliefs:
What we speak, hate, naturally, is a common human being, all people need to be recognized. We need to know that we are talking about their fellow man.
1. Unlike the distance on each topic, it is good that we talk more about it. There will be a chance to learn more if people talk about the free environment. Sex and menstruation are very natural for humans. Start thinking that it is not bad.

2. To get an idea of someone’s thinking, behavior, or to try to find out the real fact before understanding other people’s opinions.
3. We do not know beforehand the nature of nature. We do not have the right to judge decisions and judgments on the nature of others, but we do not have the right to live. When you have sex with your favorite thing, you should not talk about the methods that others like.
4. Gossip should be banned altogether, which only causes bad commitments and misconceptions, and people behave stupidly without reason for any reason. Get the job done to anyone. Do not propagate your personal opinions to the general public.

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Third faiths are a useless faith in human society. It is a barrier to community development. So such blind faiths should be thrown away from our society. In the society, lazy people, who live on others’ weakness, take into consideration the three-dimensional beliefs, spread in the name of culture and tradition. You can permanently discourage blind faiths by listening to someone else’s personal problems or by doing them. Young people should think of themselves in social loyalties rather than others. Avoid the statistical beliefs.

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